Thursday, July 16, 2009

PICTURES WILL BE UP TOMORROW! I am a big liar, i brought the wrong usb to work, sorry!

Last night, before Harry Potter, some friends and I went to the Good Dog at 224 S 15th St. It has rapidly become one of my favorite center city bars. We, of course, started with some drinks, Amstel light and big boy PBR can for my friends and I drank champagne with guava stuff in it, it was fabulous and only $6 (I forget the name but it is on the list located on the table). For food, I ordered the quiche of the day which was tomato, basil, carmelized onions, and asiago, it came with dressed greens with creamy balsamic; it was fabulous. I am always very reluctant to order quiche anywhere because there have been times when I am served a hockey puck that was obviously microwaved. The Good Dog got it right, the egg was nice and fluffly, like perfectly cooked scrambled eggs and the flavors melded perfectly together, and the crust was exactly what it should have been: buttery and flaky. The quiche was awesome and I can't wait to go back to eat some more.

My one friend ordered the Veggie Cake Sandwich, she enjoyed it and said it tasted good, and it came with their famous fries- sweet potato and regular potato. It was funny because she only wanted to eat the regular potato fries so she picked them all out leaving the sweet potato ones. My other friend ordered a half order of fries that comes with the uber special dipping sauce, and it was quite a bit of fries for half an order.

I do not drink beer but all my friends do and love it, and just because I do not drink it does not mean I have no idea what a good beer is. Although I hate IPAs I have tasted a whole lot of them and know which ones fall falt and which ones are super awesome. Ok, enough with that rant, the Good Dog not only has pictures of dogs all over its walls but it has an awesome beer selection and a great summer mixed drink menu (including my guava champagne drink). I did want to try some sort of lemonade concoction but they were out of the special vodka. This bar has swiftly become my favorite place to go after work or anytime, it has three floors. On the first floor, bar and booths, second floor, more seating for eating and a bar, and the third floor, pool tables, and yes, oh yes, a Galaga arcade game, it is true and glorious, no tables for eating up there but chairs to sit and did I meantion the Galaga? I do have one word of warning, it gets quite crowded once 7:30 rolls around, I tried going on my birthday and there were no tables left but you can put your name in and the waitress will find you when there is some room. Overall, the food is great, the staff is awesome and attentive, and the feel of the place is warm and wonderful, I would go here everyday if I could, seriously.

The Good Dog
224 South 15th St

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