Thursday, September 30, 2010

Giveaway at snacksgiving & Beso

Beso shopping widget is here!! I just checked out this website while perusing my daily food blog addiction thanks to Snacksgiving!!  I have been reading snacksgiving for about a year now, and it never fails, there are always great things to read about and food food food.  i am food obsessed...obviously.  

Also, if you click on the snacksgiving link, it will give you the particulars about the Beso giveaway AND on top of that, Snacksgiving is giving away some awesomeness as well!  It feels like a lucky day, let's hope so!

Love Life!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

$20 Thali at Bindi

My best friend, sister, and I decided to go to Bindi for their $20 thali special, I get these e-mails every week and was really excited to see that they had lamb chops, so we went.  Below is the menu

goan spiced lamb chop
minted pea puree, local sour cherry chutney
cooked and seasoned perfectly, tender, juicy, everything a lamb chop should be
lime-jaggery glazed prawns
summer carrot mash, lemongrass foam, baby thai basil
masala brined paneer
yellow tomato kut, creamy quinoa, crispy beet chips
 my friend told me it was quite good and she likes quinoa to begin with
each  person will receive the following:
heirloom tomato-watermelon chaat
toasted spicy peanuts, chickpea sev, chutneys, yogurt
this was my favorite side, i didn't think i would like it, but the combo worked out quite well
south indian spiced bhindi
spiced buttermilk fried okra, charred tomato-saffron aioli
this was my least favorite, the batter on the okra was not fresh, these had been sitting out or double fried, but they were soggy and no longer crispy and the consistency of the okra was off
basmati-wild rice pulao
coconut, mustard seeds, curry leaf
very straight forward, nice flavors 

baby fennel and asparagus kosambri
shredded carrot, thai basil dressing, madras curry
this tasted so fresh and clean, i liked it a lot
curried coconut cream corn
goat cheese, sambar lentils, crispy masala shallots
anything with coconut and goat cheese and I am sold!  the sweetness of the corn and coconut worked well without being too sweet
ginger-lemon raita
yogurt, cucumber, lemon oil
i'm not usually a yogurt fan but i tried it and i enjoyed the texture and flavor of this yogurt
farm apple chutney
local cameo apple, fresh mint, lime
i didn't know this was apple chutney until i looked back at the pictures, it was almost like a dried date consistency and too sweet for my taste
date-pecan-goat cheese paratha
hand rolled griddle bread, ghee, sea salt
i was apprehensive about this because of the combination but it tasted spot on but it did taste heavily of raw flour

This is the guava juice they had, my sister ordered it and liked it

You get free chips and the sweet sticky chutney, I am a big fan of mint chutney with lots of big flavors

this is the masala brined paneer thali.  we all got the same sides.

the lamb chops were cooked perfectly!! 

Overall, this was a great experience, we got so much food none of us finished it all.  I will definitely go again when they have a main dish that is unusual, I think i remember seeing goat on one of the e-mails, but I could be wrong.  

Sign up for their e-mail and you can get their weekly thali special to your inbox
Bindi Restaurant | 105 S. 13th Street | Philadelphia | PA | 19107 215.922.6061

Saturday, June 26, 2010

baked goods for toady and tomorrow

Tonight I am making gluten free mini cheesecakes with a ginger snap crust (cookies bought from whole foods) I will make the crust myself, and put berries on top.  Then I am making mini sweet potato pecan pies and mac and cheese.  I'll try to remember to photograph but my hands are always full. 

Love Life.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have not written on here in a long time and there are no pretty pictures like I promised before... bah humbug. Life just crept right up on me there.

Well on Father's Day, I cooked up a storm [I don't have any pictures of these either... surprise!] The best thing I made was pecan shortbread, next was the potato salad, then I made these citrus bars [lemon, orange, lime] with graham cracka crust, mini quiches, mini cheesecakes with berries and a graham cracker crust, banana bread, applesauce, and blueberry muffins. I was a busy busy girl, it took me a few hours to bake all of that stuff, I did the pecan shortbread on sunday. we actually forgot to get the pecans, after a long winded conversation about what size to get, the back and forth confused me, so i guess i forgot to get a bag of pecans. bah. it was ok, we were going in the neighborhood anyways.

All of this baking makes me think about my dream job: baker! ha! so now everyone i meet who has tried my baked goods, I am offering them a deal: if they buy me a bakery, i will bake all day long; it would be like it was perpetually sunday - beautiful. i'm a hell of a baker, i don't know how or why, but it just comes natural i guess. years of practice i guess. i love wingin a recipe, those always come out the best.

win win win

You could win a hand mixer and a cookbook, that's a sweet deal!