Friday, July 17, 2009

Devil's Alley

So after working my full time job at the flower shop I went to work at my part time job helping a lady with accounting stuff - mostly adding stuff. So my friend calls me and wants to hang out but we want food and there is some fashion show at Camac where the love of my life, Dave, works, but we didn't go there, we went to Devil's Alley, and I apologize in advance I have no pictures for this post, but I assure you, the food was quite good.

We were upstairs near the open doors, it was a nice night, there's a huge tree in the middle of the bar upstairs and lots of plants all around. Our server was very patient with us, because, well, we were a bunch of messed up kids by this point. I ordered a strawberry lemonade (I don't remember what was in it, I think vodka and some strawberry stuff and lemonade? I know it was sweet and tasted like a strawberry lemonade but got me drunk, those could be a "problem drink" because it tastes like candy), which was delicious!! For food, our table ordered 1/2 rack of ribs (comes with 2 sides, looked good, she ordered dry rub and ordered extra bbq sauce, she said she was craving them all day, so i bet they are awesome), pulled pork sandwich (came on a brioche-ish bun with cheddar, fries, and cole slaw, looked really good as well), cobb salad (was enormous! he ordered it with no bleu cheese and ranch dressing, it looked really good, and our waiter said that was the "good" way to order it, and i found out that dave does not like avocado or raw yolks, or raw tomatoes that are not cut in small pieces, i learn new things everyday!), turkey cubano (girlled on wheat bread, turkey, bacon, swiss, pickles, honey mustard, girlled and pressed, i almost ordered this sandwich but didn't,) and I got the buffalo chicken sandwich. Evidently, all the food is really really good because everyone was really pleased with their food. My sandwich was quite good and filling, it was breaded chicken slathered in franks hot sauce (i think) and bleu cheese, bacon and cheddar, they give you an option to get fries for $2 more but i figured I would be quite full after eating just the sandwich, I was quite right. i was stuffed to the brim after that sandwich, it was exactly what i wanted to eat, i had a vacation from eating buffalo (insert food stuff here, cheesesteak, sandwich, pizza, etc.) because i just ate too much and the vacation had to end abrubtly last night. I am glad because it was awesome buffalo chicken sandwich goodness.

There were two desserts: chocolate mousse cake and apple bread pudding. They were both good, the cake was chocolatey and sweet, not bad but not the best i ever had, but still good. the bread pudding was definitely my favorite of the two, it was more like a jewish apple cake but it was delicous and it was a huge chunk of it, it was sweet and a bit salty and warm with apples, it was great, i wish there was ice cream with it, but both desserts did have a dollop of whipped cream on the plate which was nice. I know that we all had the itis mixed with food coma after we were done eating, big portions of food that are worth the money because you will not leave hungry, at all!

All in all, I would definitely go here again, i did attempt to go here on a friday after work and it was packed to the brim. good food, great and attentive service, and fun girly drinks!

Devil's Alley
1907 Chestnut St.