Monday, February 23, 2009

updated food list

I just read over the things I have and have not eaten, and times are a changin'.

I do not feel as strongly about steak tartare, only because my boyfriend's mom made it from scratch (what other way would there be?) and tried it from bordain's steakhouse book and she said it was amazing, and she is a great cook, so I guess I could try it sometime

I have tried heirloom tomatoes; they were grown by my boss and they were delicious.

I ate oysters and they were not so bad, it was cooked in korean soup called soonn doo boo jigae, it is spicy seafood broth with soft tofu and sometimes meat and eggs in there too, but the egg is raw when it comes to the table but it is in a clay bowl so it cooks the egg as the soup cools down

I ate polenta at chima, they had fried sticks of polenta, tasty, I would love to cook with it, it reminds me of grits.

I really want to have pretty pictures of my cooking on this site, I am working on it, my camera is finally out of the closet and now the arduous task of cleaning my kitchen is left, welp, see you later

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Gaby said...

I just tried oysters too! I was scared out of my mind... but they weren't too bad!