Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I made this salsa for Mike's housewarming party, even though Oscar took credit for this creation!!  we had just come back from my friend's house, he has a beautiful garden with super awesome tomatoes and peppers and shiso!!  He was so fabulous that he sent me home with so many peppers and huge tomatoes and shiso leaves and seeds! yay!!

lime (just need the juice)
hot hot peppers

1)Chop up the tomatoes, take out the cores, put the seeds and juice in another container, use that juice for curry stir fry!  Then put the chopped tomatoes in a fine mesh strainer, then salt the tomatoes and let them sit to expel some of that extra juice.
2)While waiting for tomatoes to drain, chop up the other stuff: fine dice for everything, no one likes a huge mouthful of raw onion! well i kinda do, but that's beside the point.
3) After letting the tomatoes drain for about 45 minutes, shake them around and make sure all of that liquid has come out, you do want some but not as much as you will get.  As you can see in the picture, it is watery, that is because when I was making this batch, I had to add another tomato late in the game and didn't have  time to drain that one.  Mix all your ingredients up, taste and season accordingly.  Don't be afraid of salt, the tomatoes really need it!

This salsa was a big hit at the party, even though Oscar tried to steal my thunder, but then Mike stepped in and told him what's what, thanks friend, at least i know ONE person has my back!

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